From “Post Lineage Yoga” to “Post Scholar Yoga”… in 5 days ..

Why do “Yoga Scholars” fear Yoga Lineages…? The importance of lineage can’t be underestimated. A lineage ensures that the accumulation of spiritual wisdom, of many lifetimes of experimentation are not lost. Until the arrival of the “Blind belief is king” ideologies approximately 1400 years ago, lineages were the organically evolved …

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“Who Owns Yoga? – Its Universal!”

Whenever a Hindu stands to challenge the corruption of YogaVidya, the science and art of Yoga, uncoloured folks leap up and scream ” if the truth is universal how far can a particular culture go in claiming ownership of that universal truth?”. In shouting this, I feel that a certain …

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The rise of the “Evangelizing Yoga Colonialist”.

There is a huge problem with men whose childhood has been marred by low esteem or the lack of adequate positive nurturing. As these men age, they over compensate and a trait appears which is identifiable as narcissism… and they remain ‘man child”. This phenomenon is particularly widespread in post …

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Can “White” people lead Kirtan? A yogini asks

A question was posed yesterday by a dear “white” yoga practitioner “Can white people lead Kirtan?” Unlike an irrelevant question irreverantly asked, a genuine beautiful question respectfully asked warrants an appropriately loving reply …. “Thank you dear friend, as you say it’s an intricate web of threads. Imagine if you …

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Britains Disappearing Dalits – Where have 350,000 British Citizens gone?

350,000 lost British Dalits?

This Sunday, the Sunday Times added its own significant weight to the long running campaign to vilify and denigrate British Hindus, by declaring that 50,000 British Dalits were suffering from the scourge of “caste discrimination”.  In doing so Jon Ungoed-Thomas has merely served to declare to the world, just precisely the …

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