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From Ujjain to Greenwich – the Greatest of all Colonial Thefts.

“Interesting to note in this whole debate is the resistance of Europeans to being put under the spotlight by the use of the term Whiteness. Using BAME, black and minority ethnic, is however deemed perfectly acceptable and yet no one seeks to question the obvious disparity. Reflection raises the possibility that because this perspective maintains the meridian, the standard the benchmark as White, it is acceptable by default, ……”

350,000 lost British Dalits?

Britains Disappearing Dalits – Where have 350,000 British Citizens gone?

This Sunday, the Sunday Times added its own significant weight to the long running campaign to vilify and denigrate British Hindus, by declaring that 50,000 British Dalits were suffering from the scourge of “caste discrimination”.  In doing so Jon Ungoed-Thomas has merely served to declare to the world, just precisely the degree to which the Colonialists …


Why the British £5.00 notes are adharmic and also “bad karma”

The unnecessary use of “animal derived products” is spiritually and morally harmful to both Hindus and to the planet according to the standards and principles of non-violence, a principle famously articulated by Mahatma Gandhi and recognised and understood globally as a cornerstone of Sanatan Dharma (Hinduism). Our scriptures advise that all living creatures are members …