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The Myth of Hindu Supremacy

Many westerners, especially the former colonial slave masters the Britishers, have fully formed opinions and views of what a Hindu is, what a Hindu should be, what Hinduism is and what Yoga is and much of what constitutes these opinions is based upon colonial accounts and memories. When a Hindu seeks to correct or challenge these prejudices, the common charge “you’re a Hindu Supremacist” or “You’re a Hindu Fundamentalist” is laid at their door. .

350,000 lost British Dalits?

Britains Disappearing Dalits – Where have 350,000 British Citizens gone?

This Sunday, the Sunday Times added its own significant weight to the long running campaign to vilify and denigrate British Hindus, by¬†declaring that 50,000 British Dalits were suffering from the scourge of “caste discrimination”.¬† In doing so Jon Ungoed-Thomas has merely served to declare to the world, just precisely the degree to which the Colonialists …