BAME good, “Whiteness” racist.. “caveat colonised”

It’s STILL plain black and white .. it’s still plain Colonisers and their “institutional descendants” determined to erase the First Nations.. It’s ok for such institutions to label the melanated ie non white, as BAME, but for the melanated to speak of “whiteness” is to be immediately accused of “racism”. This is duplicitous, despicable “Colonialism-derived …

The Lord of the Dance

Sandhya .. 2021

Greetings dear brother’s and sisters, welcome to the year of the tidal shift , 2021. “Sandhya”, when the moon is in one place, the tides come in, later they flow out, the point at which the direction changes we call Sandhya. When the pendulum swings out there is a moment of stillness before the downswing …

Decolonising Mitramas

Celebrating “Christmas” has become a global phenomenon in which many descendants of the first nations joyfully participate. Some instinctively participate wanting to add their own happiness to that of Christians, others bow to peer group pressure and others just get steam rollered by the global commercial juggernaut that is the Xmas industry. The knowledge that …

Decolonising English ..

It may be noteworthy to observe that a shift has already occurred in the balance of power between the Indigenised/Indigenous voice, which is the inevitable undeniable future, and the colonised/coloniser voice, which is the stale, pale, divisive and corrosive hate infused past. The battlefield is the English language, itself a colonised continent, a language infused …

Hinduism.. no more lies

“Hinduism” is NOT A RELIGION, nor is it a FAITH, time to stop lying to ourselves and to others. Every “religious” act that Hindus do is an act of Yoga, Hinduism is “YogaVidya in action”.

If anything, Hindu is a civilisational epithet, if you follow its civilisational principles, YOU ARE A HINDU.

Hindu Reflections on “Lockdown”

The CoVid crisis has caused a great deal of harm and suffering, but in bringing the hamster wheel of modern day British life to a halt, it’s also served to remind British Hindus, in the most graphic and irrefusable way, of many forgotten priorities and purposes.

Labours “Political Grooming Gang” descends upon Delhi.

“After years of taking the Indian vote bank for granted, whilst at the same time denigrating and vilifying Indians in the UK, as well as simultaneously smearing India’s BJP, it’s clear that duplicity has become systemic in terms of Labours dealings with Indians and especially British Hindus. The British Indian relationship with Labour is today at a nadir.”

The Betrayal of the Adharmic Champagne Socialists ..

In 2014 a few prominent voices in the Hindu community started to talk about the Labour party as being adharmic, as being guided towards Sharia’h, as being anti Hindu as well as anti-semitic. These figures who were genuinely apolitical, who derived no income or patronage from political parties and who had no discernable political pedigree or ambition,  were acting purely out of a desire to protect the future of our children in this British community.

“Ahinsa”, the Dark Night of the Soul and Lalalime Yoga Pants ..

There has been a recent trend for yoga neophytes to casually drop into conversation, words such as “ahimsa” and “satya”, at the drop of a hat, often as a token of claiming some sense of authenticity or credibility …. and its usually followed by an assault on the traditional practice of Yoga as preserved by Hindu lineages … I felt called to respond ….

From Ujjain to Greenwich – the Greatest of all Colonial Thefts.

“Interesting to note in this whole debate is the resistance of Europeans to being put under the spotlight by the use of the term Whiteness. Using BAME, black and minority ethnic, is however deemed perfectly acceptable and yet no one seeks to question the obvious disparity. Reflection raises the possibility that because this perspective maintains the meridian, the standard the benchmark as White, it is acceptable by default, ……”

The Myth of Hindu Supremacy

Many westerners, especially the former colonial slave masters the Britishers, have fully formed opinions and views of what a Hindu is, what a Hindu should be, what Hinduism is and what Yoga is and much of what constitutes these opinions is based upon colonial accounts and memories. When a Hindu seeks to correct or challenge these prejudices, the common charge “you’re a Hindu Supremacist” or “You’re a Hindu Fundamentalist” is laid at their door. .

In praise of generalisations..

One of the strategies of the intellectually mischievous is to deflect responsibility for the consequences of their favoured ideology by rejecting every criticism as a ‘generalisation’.This mechanism is most frequently deployed when one challenges a “religious” ideology, and especially when one is seeking to either protect indigenous understandings, especially dharmic Hindu principles or to differentiate the key impetus driving the colonialist “religions”.

Sanskrit - Humanitys first language

Why Indigenous Names ARE important..

A recent article by Scientific American magazine introduced the term “Cardiac Coherence Breathing Exercise” in describing what a hundred generations of Hindus have known as Anuloma Viloma. The twitter space picked it up and scores of Occidental self declared yogis rushed to “defend the ramparts” against the demands of natives claiming that this was yet another example cultural appropriation.

radicalisation and cultural genocide

Conversion, Colonialism and the Corruption of Humanity.

When further cemented by an avowed adherance to emotional violence, to guilt and fear, a denial of universal love and familyhood, and then presented to the world, as divinely sanctioned, a faith is born. In reality it is nothing other than the worst of all supremacist ideologies ie colonialism, hiding in plain sight.

From “Post Lineage Yoga” to “Post Scholar Yoga”… in 5 days ..

The importance of lineage can’t be underestimated. A lineage ensures that the accumulation of spiritual wisdom, of many lifetimes of experimentation are not lost. Until the arrival of the “Blind belief is king” ideologies approximately 1400 years ago, lineages were the organically evolved repositories of the accumulated learning of humanity.

Can Non Hindus “do Yoga” without “becoming Hindu”? No…. but

Can Non Hindus “do yoga” without becoming Hindu? This question is being asked with increasing frequency …. a “Hindu” answers… If you continue to practise yoga diligently, you will learn WHAT you are. You will become intimately familiar with your own body and in doing so become familiar with every body. When you continue, you …

“Who Owns Yoga? – Its Universal!”

Whenever a Hindu stands to challenge the corruption of YogaVidya, the science and art of Yoga, uncoloured folks leap up and scream ” if the truth is universal how far can a particular culture go in claiming ownership of that universal truth?”. In shouting this, I feel that a certain shallowness is revealed or perhaps …

The rise of the “Evangelizing Yoga Colonialist”.

There is a huge problem with men whose childhood has been marred by low esteem or the lack of adequate positive nurturing. As these men age, they over compensate and a trait appears which is identifiable as narcissism… and they remain ‘man child”. This phenomenon is particularly widespread in post colonial societies, especially with white …

Can “White” people lead Kirtan? A yogini asks

A question was posed yesterday by a dear “white” yoga practitioner “Can white people lead Kirtan?” Unlike an irrelevant question irreverantly asked, a genuine beautiful question respectfully asked warrants an appropriately loving reply …. “Thank you dear friend, as you say it’s an intricate web of threads. Imagine if you will the following story. In …

350,000 lost British Dalits?

Britains Disappearing Dalits – Where have 350,000 British Citizens gone?

This Sunday, the Sunday Times added its own significant weight to the long running campaign to vilify and denigrate British Hindus, by declaring that 50,000 British Dalits were suffering from the scourge of “caste discrimination”.  In doing so Jon Ungoed-Thomas has merely served to declare to the world, just precisely the degree to which the Colonialists …


The bifurcation of Yoga and Sanatan Dharma continues ….

 “Separating Yoga from Hinduism, is like trying to separate Shiva from Shakti, water from wetness, love from life. A fools errand promoted by those who know of neither, but are intent on the destruction of both” Satish K Sharma For thousands of years Hindus have been practising what the west calls “Yoga” and what the …


Why the British £5.00 notes are adharmic and also “bad karma”

The unnecessary use of “animal derived products” is spiritually and morally harmful to both Hindus and to the planet according to the standards and principles of non-violence, a principle famously articulated by Mahatma Gandhi and recognised and understood globally as a cornerstone of Sanatan Dharma (Hinduism). Our scriptures advise that all living creatures are members …