Who is Satish K Sharma?


Satishji, recently awarded the title of Dharma Sam-Rakshak (Custodian of Dharma) & authorised to speak on the Six Darshans of Indian Philosophy by the Council Of Hindu Swami’s & Saints in Rishikesh.

A Tedx Speaker & guest speaker at Philosophy & Yoga events at British Colleges & Universities & keynote speaker on Dharmic issues at Parliamentary debates and events; represents the Hindu Community at National events such as Remembrance Day & has made numerous appearances presenting the Dharmic view on the BBC & other Channels. Also a practitioner & teacher of Jnana Yoga (The Yoga of mental Purification Balance).

Get to know Pt. Satish Kumar Sharma from this insightful interview he gave to the Opinion Express magazine.

Download PDF  and go to page 41 – section titled ‘A manager and a yoga guru’