Sandhya .. 2021


The Lord of the Dance

Sandhya .. 2021

Greetings dear brother’s and sisters, welcome to the year of the tidal shift , 2021.

“Sandhya”, when the moon is in one place, the tides come in, later they flow out, the point at which the direction changes we call Sandhya. When the pendulum swings out there is a moment of stillness before the downswing occurs, at dawn when the night begins to depart and light increases, at dusk when light diminishes and night increases, when we breathe in, pause and breathe out, all Sandhya.It is the same in human affairs. Humanity has been in ever increasing disharmony since Kaliyug began. Diminishing civilisation, increased barbarism, exponential increases in the suffering of sentient beings, all continuing until the moment of Sandhya when our disconnect from the earth, from each other and all of life, becomes unsustainable and a reversal takes place.

This change is upon us, began to be seen in 2015 and has accelerated for the last few years and may continue to intensify over the next 12 months. We can go with its flow by abandoning our tight grip on our circumstances, environment and above all, our ambitions and expectations. The more we are prepared to let go, the healthier we will be. Those unwilling to let go will be like King Canute, shouting at the incoming tide.Too much of Humanity is out of sync with the earth and even our own bodies, this is being reset and for many it will be more fearful than anything we have known.

But WE who study our selves with our Yoga practice, we know that virtually all fear is built on uncertainty and loss of self control, and a misunderstanding of what we are.In the words of Nirvana Shatkam, we are Shiva .. ie consciousness, non mortal and indestructible. Spirit dancing as body.

As the surprises increase, uncertainty mounts, remember the word Svaha, uttered in a Yagna when we submit something to consecrated fire, when we symbolically let go of something, Svaha .. it returns to fire, it is no longer meant to be mine. Adopt this inner attitude and instead of the next stage of the journey being a bare knuckle ride, we will ride it like a surfer rides a massive breaker. Sandhya, the moment of stillness before the change in direction.

Hope to start classes again in some form soon, be well, sleep more, eat less, look after each other, and dance! Much love and gratitude.


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