The Betrayal of the Adharmic Champagne Socialists ..


The Betrayal of the Adharmic Champagne Socialists ..

In 2014 a few prominent voices in the British Hindu community started to talk about the Labour party as being adharmic (deceitful, unharmonious,  destructive of cohesion) as being overly inclined towards Sharia’h, as being anti Hindu as well as anti-semitic. These courageous figures, who were genuinely apolitical, who derived no income or patronage from political parties and who had no discernable political pedigree or ambition,  were acting purely out of a desire to protect the future of all of our children in this British community (Kapils Khichadi).

In doing so they were going against the established wisdom that “to be brown meant to be Labour” and predictably like all pioneers, they ended up on the receiving end of public vilification and, with the exception of the Tory party apparatchiks, were treated as though they were political “ingenue”, inexperienced idiots.

When they called out the Hinduphobic Labour Caste lobby, paid supporters of the Labour party, and those with vested interests, tried to prevent their voices from being heard. Our Gujjubhai newspapers, bloated upon crumbs of recognition from the Labour table, dumbed down what was being said against Labour and the leading Labour “political lights”, wearing their newly minted “Modiji connections” like giant badges on their puffed up chests, insisted upon protecting the likes of Keith Vaz, Virendra Sharma and Barry Gardiner.

Some more honest and dharmic people, seeing the writing on the wall, even made a public statement that they would not share a stage with Virendra Sharma since, in pushing the wholly unevidenced and destructive Caste legislation, he had betrayed British Hindus, and that too whilst playing his Brahmin card.

Others who had shepherded a generation of Hindu students into the Labour fold, who became personally wealthy at what is now seen to have been selling out the Hindu community, started to line their pockets by exploiting more profitable political affiliations, and suddenly the hitherto closely held socialist credentials, evaporated being replaced by black tie business dinners and “cut crystal” awards. But what of the future consequences of past betrayals for political gain?

As we witness the public debut of an openly Hinduphobic, anti-India, anti-Modi, pro “the Islamic State of Pakistan”, mainstream European political party, a party which has concealed the devastating ravages by members of its core vote bank upon vulnerable white girls (remember Sarah Champions removal?), it’s worth reflecting upon how we got here and the role played by such selfish, opportunist “political Hindus”.


We are now witnessing the “rats” leaving the very ship they once help to navigate, and there will be many more claiming sudden revelations, but that is not enough. Karma is collective and retributive, as well as benign and munificent. If you are not staying on board to perform “course correction”, if you are doing nothing to reverse the harm which your support has wrought, you are reaponsible; if you think that by just moving on, leaving a trail of personally very profitable devastation behind you, as you seek greener pastures, you are culpable; if you have quietly skulked away without even departing in a manner intended to make some small restitution, you are even more responsible.

As the British Hindu community tries to adjust to the newly and rapidly unfolding sense of vulnerability and danger, a greater concern is beginning to be expressed. In times of external “community danger”, there is nothing more internally dangerous than the passionately incompetent; at least the selfish have predictable motives. The British Hindu community boasts a wide array of the serially incompetent and devastatingly unpredictable, as any viewer of the last weeks’ Channel 4 news coverage of the Article 370 issue will have seen. The role played by these ‘nice but dim’ leaders will also one day, be reflected upon and the legacy of their “moth to the limelight” attraction for pubic posturing will be assessed as having been only marginally less destructive.

For both groups, the Caste Legislation is your collective legacy, which is still on the books awaiting the arrival of a Labour administration, the Islamophobia blasphemy law will be your legacy, the cries from Rochdale etc. are your legacy.

The rise of the extreme left is your legacy and the possibility of a British Government under the influence of Islamist drivers is your legacy. All were predictable to any unbiased observer and yet hardly anyone chose to acknowledge it.

As we watch, Corbynite Parliamentarians whose “white-saviourness” usually compels them to wield Democracy as the highest virtue, suddenly overlook the purely democratic and entirely legal functioning of the Modi Administration, and become rabid-eyed supporters of an undemocratic state, founded on a expansionist exclusivist religion. In front of our very eyes we see the party which was founded by the sacrifices of British workers to establish all inclusive democracy in the United Kingdom suddenly become hatred fuelled and opposed to the largest democracy in the world. 

Extraordinarily, the leader who received the largest democratic vote in the history of humanity has become the object of criticism and denigration by the man whose own parliamentary party has repeatedly tried to remove him. As an aside, if you ever wanted to study white privilege in action, just observe the arrogance of the British Parliamentarians when speaking of, or dealing with the Indian leaders of a nation of 1.2 billion brown folks.

And for the rest of the British Dharmic community, Dante almost got it right when he said ” The hottest places in Hell are reserved for those who in time of moral crisis preserve their neutrality”. There is a place which is even hotter and that is reserved for those who being faced with the destruction of everything they value and have toiled for, are still unable to break the bad habit of unfounded allegiance.

Bhishma, the most powerful of all,  died on a bed of arrows for this crime, all of the Kuru clan died because of misplaced loyalties and this message has been repreated at billions of Hindu gatherings for over 5,000 years.  Perhaps it was because of this weakness, the weakness of blind loyalty being viewed as a virtue by so many of Dharmic traditons, that Sri Krishna felt that of all the countries of the world where the lessons of the eternal Mahabharat could have been revealed, India had to be the place of its articulation.

Jaichand, a king of Ayodhya and Varanasi used to hold lavish gatherings where minor social royalty, their corpulence concealed under silks and their intoxicated eyes hidden by coloured glass jewellery, would pander to each others’ sense of relevance. Today only a few reclusive historians speak of his durbar and wealth, but every child knows of his betrayal of his own son-in-law King Prithiviraj, to the Islamist hordes of the Safavid invaders.

In conclusion, if you made a quick buck by peddling your Hindu credentials and are sitting comfortably sipping champagne, surrounded by opulence, or perhaps planning your next glitterati extravaganza at the Grosvenor, we hope the payment, in silver coins was worth it.

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