Working to minimise the birth pains of the truly secular, post theocratic, post colonial, 21st century world

Eminent scholar, international speaker & prominent commentator of Dharmic issues

Santana Dharma Samrakshak (Authorised ‘Custodian of Dharma’) for Europe

Distinguished & recognised practitioner of traditional schools of Yoga

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Hinduism.. no more lies

“Hinduism” is NOT A RELIGION, nor is it a FAITH, time to stop lying to ourselves and to others. Every “religious” act that Hindus do is an act of Yoga, Hinduism is “YogaVidya in action”.

If anything, Hindu is a civilisational epithet, if you follow its civilisational principles, YOU ARE A HINDU.

Hindu Reflections on “Lockdown”

The CoVid crisis has caused a great deal of harm and suffering, but in bringing the hamster wheel of modern day British life to a halt, it’s also served to remind British Hindus, in the most graphic and irrefusable way, of many forgotten priorities and purposes.

Labours “Political Grooming Gang” descends upon Delhi.

“After years of taking the Indian vote bank for granted, whilst at the same time denigrating and vilifying Indians in the UK, as well as simultaneously smearing India’s BJP, it’s clear that duplicity has become systemic in terms of Labours dealings with Indians and especially British Hindus. The British Indian relationship with Labour is today at a nadir.”

Leading consultant of temples & community matters of Dharma

Prominent Dharmic scholar & events speaker

Collaborating Dharmic thought leaders across continents

Sowing the seeds of Dharma at social, grass-root levels

Connecting with catalysts of Dharmic global change

Supporting Hindu multiple Dharma traditions across Europe

Engaging & empowering on the international stage

Discussing Dharma in the corridors of political power

Ancient wisdom, contemporary communication


A genuinely well read and knowledgeable person, Satish ji’s expertise and knowledge on Dharma, Yoga, Hinduism and other religion’s, his ability to discover “interesting” solutions to every problem makes him a connoisseur of areas of Conflict. The art of seeking clarity, perfection and resolution in difficult situations has to be learnt from him. He is witty, mischievous, wise and is a master in oratory skills, and still a very pleasant person. 

Dr. Lakshmi Vyas

President, Hindu Forum of Europe

I have known Satish for many years and he has become a great friend. He shared spiritual guidance which enabled me to dissolve a rigid mindset acquired whilst being brought up in a strict household. He was able to help diffuse many of my anxieties with insights and laughter! I have learnt so much from him and have embraced the practices of Dharma in my professional life as a Lecturer, local Politician, and as a mother and wife.

Helen Adkins

Philosophy Lecturer & Councillor

Pandit Satish Sharma ji is an excellent orator and writer and is filled with an ocean of wisdom from ancient scriptures bringing it forward to our everyday lives. A truely fearless 21st century Yogi from whom the confused modern mind can absorb complex knowledge, in a light hearted manner. As a speaker Satish ji is an asset to any organisation or event and an absolute treat for any audience that has the honour of hearing him speak.

Saloni Belaid

Public Speaker & ZeeTV Commentator

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Dharmic Theologian
Hindu Philosopher Yoga Acharya

Awarded the title of Dharma Sam-Rakshak (Custodian of Dharma), Pandit Satish K Sharma ji is authorised to speak on the Six Darshans of Indian Philosophy by the Council Of Hindu Swami’s & Saints in Rishikesh in March of 2018.

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