Working to minimise the birth pains of the truly secular, post theocratic, post colonial, 21st century world

Eminent scholar, international speaker & prominent commentator of Dharmic issues

Santana Dharma Samrakshak (Authorised ‘Custodian of Dharma’) for Europe

Distinguished & recognised practitioner of traditional schools of Yoga

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Leading consultant of temples & community matters of Dharma

Prominent Dharmic scholar & events speaker

Collaborating Dharmic thought leaders across continents

Sowing the seeds of Dharma at social, grass-root levels

Connecting with catalysts of Dharmic global change

Supporting Hindu multiple Dharma traditions across Europe

Engaging & empowering on the international stage

Discussing Dharma in the corridors of political power

Ancient wisdom, contemporary communication


A genuinely well read and knowledgeable person, Satish ji’s expertise and knowledge on Dharma, Yoga, Hinduism and other religion’s, his ability to discover “interesting” solutions to every problem makes him a connoisseur of areas of Conflict. The art of seeking clarity, perfection and resolution in difficult situations has to be learnt from him. He is witty, mischievous, wise and is a master in oratory skills, and still a very pleasant person. 

Dr. Lakshmi Vyas

President, Hindu Forum of Europe

I have known Satish for many years and he has become a great friend. He shared spiritual guidance which enabled me to dissolve a rigid mindset acquired whilst being brought up in a strict household. He was able to help diffuse many of my anxieties with insights and laughter! I have learnt so much from him and have embraced the practices of Dharma in my professional life as a Lecturer, local Politician, and as a mother and wife.

Helen Adkins

Philosophy Lecturer & Councillor

Pandit Satish Sharma ji is an excellent orator and writer and is filled with an ocean of wisdom from ancient scriptures bringing it forward to our everyday lives. A truely fearless 21st century Yogi from whom the confused modern mind can absorb complex knowledge, in a light hearted manner. As a speaker Satish ji is an asset to any organisation or event and an absolute treat for any audience that has the honour of hearing him speak.

Saloni Belaid

Public Speaker & ZeeTV Commentator

About SKS

Dharmic Theologian
Hindu Philosopher Yoga Acharya

Awarded the title of Dharma Sam-Rakshak (Custodian of Dharma), Pandit Satish K Sharma ji is authorised to speak on the Six Darshans of Indian Philosophy by the Council Of Hindu Swami’s & Saints in Rishikesh in March of 2018.

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